Founder of modern vibration training worldwide

In 1999, the Dutch Olympic trainer Guus van der Meer commenced an initiative to develop a training device based on Whole Body Vibration (WBV) technology, in cooperation with a group of specialists.


Significant training results in a short time

In WBV technology, vibrations generated by the machine cause stretch reflexes in tensed muscles. By performing a series of easy exercises you can achieve extreme training results in a very short time.


VibroGym continues development, production and sales

When Power Plate moved production to China, the original Dutch manufacturer continued to develop, produce and sell the initial design under the product name VibroGym. VibroGym is clearly distinguished by superior performance and technical excellence.


Top executive Guus and his right hand man Jelte return to their roots

Once Power Plate was sold to an American venture capitalist in 2006, Guus remained involved with the company for several years. He then decided to go back to where he felt he belonged, together with his business partner Jelte Tempelaars and several old friends. Supported by the Nederlandse Participatie Groep (NPG), VibroGym was given the opportunity to put its product line on the map and once again become the market leader in the relatively young Whole Body Vibration industry.

Strong drive, years of expertise and continuous innovation

A passion for the product, years of experience and a depth of knowledge are incorporated in product development and education & training. These are the pillars for VibroGym’s exceptional position in relation to other participants on the market. VibroGym will astonish and surprise everyone with major innovations based on comprehensive knowledge of the production process, European electronics and a passionate global network.


Distinctive VibroGym characteristics

VibroGym products are different from other devices by providing:

  • A construction in 100% aluminium, making them both lightweight and strong
  • Extremely accurate electronic controls
  • Harmonious and specific vibrations
  • A performance that outshines all of the competitors
  • A global reputation for the ultimate durability of the products


VibroGym stands for quality and service

Ultimately, we all want a perfectly functioning product with the best price/quality ratio. VibroGym uses only  top quality materials in a very meticulous production process. The proven durability of the VG products ensures that all experts and perfectionists will always choose VibroGym. In the unlikely event that there are problems they will be taken very seriously and resolved efficiently.